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Discover all the places you can visit with Fellow Yachts

Image by Andrés Montes De Oca


Embark on an exciting fishing adventure aboard our luxury yachts in Acapulco. Feel the thrill of catching in the deep blue of the Pacific. Then, immerse yourself in tranquility with our exclusive diving excursions and discover the mysteries that lie under the sea.

Experience Cancun's famous coral reefs and lively nightlife with our luxury yacht charters. Dive into an underwater world during the day and have a glamorous bachelorette party at sunset. Our yachts are your ticket to the ultimate adventure.


Explore the bays of Huatulco with our exclusive yacht trips. Find secret spots perfect for fishing or snorkeling, and consider a sunset cruise for your bachelorette party, surrounded by the stunning scenery of this coastal paradise.

Image by Elesban Landero Berriozábal
Image by NEOM

Discover the serene beauty of La Paz with our personalized yacht services. Sail over crystal-clear waters, snorkel among vibrant marine life, and soak up the sun on secret beaches. Our yachts are the perfect celebration for an unforgettable bachelorette party.

Join us in Los Cabos for a yacht experience designed for the elite. Challenge marlin and sailfish on an epic fishing expedition, or dive beneath the waves for a unique dive. Our luxury yachts are the key to a prestigious getaway.

Cabo San Lucas
Image by Denys Kostyuchenko

Immerse yourself in the vibrant spirit of Miami with our yacht charters. Ideal for high-energy bachelorette parties or laid-back snorkeling outings, our yachts give you unique access to the best of the city's water park. Dive, dance and discover the magic of Miami.

Depart from historic Progreso to reveal the treasures of the Gulf of Mexico. Whether you're looking for the catch of the day or celebrating freedom on a bachelorette getaway, our yachts promise to be the exclusive setting for your next big story.

Image by Anton Lukin
Beach Landscapes

Let the charm of Puerto Vallarta captivate you with our personalized yacht excursions. From exciting dives to festive bachelorette parties, our yachts are the perfect setting for your adventure in this charming seaside town.


Sail through the rich waters of Veracruz aboard our luxury yachts, where the abundance of the Gulf awaits you to demonstrate your fishing skills. Later, immerse yourself in history with diving expeditions to ancient shipwrecks, making each trip a narrative of discovery and delight.

Image by Roberto Carlos Román Don
Palm Trees Beach View

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Soon, our luxury route will be enriched with new exquisite destinations. Imagine more secret beaches, seas to explore and starry skies, all from the deck of our yachts. New adventures await you with the promise of unforgettable experiences. Keep sailing with us, the most exciting journey is about to unfold its sails. The adventure continues!

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